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1. We are located in Dallas, Texas, USA.
2. AMBUSH is supplied as the dried powdered form of the Palm plant with ginger added as taste and preservative.
3. The package size is 6 x 9 approx and weighs approx 2 oz. per pack.
4. Kindly use the PAYPAL account to send your love GIFT of $1000 or more .
5.  Fed Ex will be used to deliver your AMBUSH.
6. Please fill out the CONTACT US page with your NAME ( or fictitious ) and complete MAILING ADDRESS and we will send you the AMBUSH complete with directions

AMBUSH Directions for Preparation

1. Put 4000 ml (one gallon) of water in a pot and boil. (DO NOT use a COPPER pot !!!!)
2. Add the packet of Ambush powder.
3.Boil on low heat for 10 minutes.
4. Remove from stove and sit for 24 hours.
5. NEXT DAY....boil again for 5 minutes.
6. Add sugar to taste is your choice,strain and bottle.
7. Take 60 ml THREE TIMES DAILY for 21 days or until it is finished.


a. Shake the bottle and KEEP IN REFRIGERATOR .
b. In 5-7 days you will feel the difference in your body with a surge of energy.
c. Since Ambush KILLS the virus in the body, your sexual energy will also INCREASE..!
d. Please KNOW and REMEMBER that the HIV virus attaches to YOUR DNA so there are as many strains as there are infected individuals.... hence you can be infected many times and will need more Ambush for the next strain.
e. AMBUSH STOPS the diarrhoea but is rich in fibre so you will experience a soft daily bowel motion.
f. When you are virus free for the same time of your seroconversion you will HIV NEGATIVE.


# 1 The major reported side effect is headache. This is usually reported on day 17
when all the virus are killed .
# 2 "Sexual excitement" due to the virus being killed.

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