Story of Ambush

This section was written October 30, 2011
when the science of Ambush SEREREVERSION
was not yet given to us and we thought it impossible.........Amended 4/26/2019

My second life began on August 21, 2002, when I had just gone to bed. I was not asleep but semiconscious when an angel appeared at the doorway, standing on the penultimate step.
Gabriel : "I am going to give you the cure for Aids"

Vern : "Right…….there is no cure for Aids!"

Gabriel : "Do you believe that I am an Angel?

First, I thought that this Being was joking, or that I was dreaming so I
turned to get a good look at the Angel. He was wearing a white robe, he had a tan complexion and I was only viewing him from his right side. He was very serious and had a stern look …like that of my mother when I am misbehaving.

Vern : "Yes….." Then I paused and asked...

Vern : "What is it?" Then Gabriel showed me the 'PALM'
plant, certain specie.

Gabriel : "It is in this."

Vern : "But, we have studied this plant and there is nothing in it!"

Gabriel : "Since you (meaning man) have studied it, WE have put it in."

Vern : "How do we get it out?"

Gabriel : "Take a piece……………………….then drink it three times daily
for 21days (then there was a long pause) and it is to be FREE"

Vern : "Why me?"

Gabriel : "Why NOT you?"

Vern :"You got me there….. (Pause) you realize how this is going to change my lifestyle?"

Gabriel : "Yes… (Now he turned and looked me straight in the eyes
with the sweetest, kindest and gentlest smile)...let me show you."
Then he took me to the window and showed me hundreds of TV station
mobile units lining all four streets that bordered the house. Then Gabriel left
and I was now exited, fearful, in a state of shock and generally unsettled.
For the next 7 months, I pondered what was happening. Then I
prepared it and gave it to my first patient ….and …IT WORKS!!!!!

I have been trying for a number of years for the scientific community at the
very least to look at the claim that I have been making that THE LORD GOD has given US the CURE for HIV/AIDS.

What is it? The CURE, named AMBUSH is an EXTRACT from "The PALM' plant to which there are more than 3000 species. On examination of AMBUSH, the active ingredient is found to be an isotope of uranium with an amino side group.

What is the dose? The dose is 60 ml three times daily for 21 days and the
concentration is measured by the 'taste' factor.

How does it work? Ambush works by "KILLING" the virus. Firstly by elevating the temperature of the trunk area, especially at nights when the patients are laying down. This is because of the radioactive property of the isotope. Secondly, the amino side group attaches to the protein coating of the virus causing it to rupture. Thirdly, since the uranium molecule is 'large and heavy', it is not metabolized by the body but is excreted virtually unchanged. In industrial productions of AMBUSH, the amino group will be exchanged for phentolamine.

What are the known side effects? Firstly, there is a metallic taste which is
overcome by the addition of natural preservatives which help to prevent
diarrhea. Secondly, since most HIV patients in the later stages, tend to be
weak and not sexually active, when they are taking AMBUSH, certain changes also takes place. Thirdly, if the patient is on antiretrovirals and their viral load is low or undetectable, then some of these patients have complained of headache, indicating that there are no more viruses to be killed.

Then what after the 21 days treatment? Here I can say that you have been CURED OF THE SPECIE OR SPECIES that you had.

What do you mean? I thought you said I would be CURED!! Yes, you are CURED of THAT SPECIE. Since the 'HIV' virus replicates by attaching its RNA into the host's DNA, then whenever the viral offspring leaves a cell it takes part of the host's genetic 'makeup'. This means that since every person has a different DNA, then EVERY PERSON WILL HAVE A DIFFERENT STRAIN!!!! This means there are as many strains as there are people infected with HIV.

How do I get CURED then? When you have taken the initial 21 days supply, you would have been CURED of all the species in your body. If you are infected by another strain from a different person, you will know it by a condition marked with 'chills, fever, generalized weakness,' then you will need another 21 days supply of AMBUSH. This virus will be with mankind until completely eradicated with AMBUSH.

SEROREVERSION was not given to us
until August 2015...... so we were under the 
assumption that HIV behaved as all 
other viruses and the body would form
 an immunity with antibodies and remain positive for ever...Updated 4/26/1019

If I get tested after taking AMBUSH, will I be negative? NO! No, you will NEVER be tested negative because the body develops antibodies to the virus and the HIV test is that test for the antibodies. After taking AMBUSH for 21 days, the individual would have developed immunity to the strain or strains that have been killed, meaning they would not be infected by that strain again. Since each individual represents a different strain, then it is possible to be infected by each new individual but knowing that the CURE is found in the next 21 day supply of AMBUSH.

How do I get it? I have given AMBUSH to more than 200 patients and I welcome any scientific group or institution to PROVE ME RIGHT. I am ready and willing to provide treatment for a number of patients who would be willing to take AMBUSH under a "test' program and or a sample of the active ingredient noting that the extract for consumption is different from the active ingredient.

What about vaccines? I have the greatest of respect for all the scientists, in
all the various fields in trying for 26 years to conquer this virus,remembering that I myself am a pharmacist and I do have an idea of the work and its frustrations. However, the LORD GOD said that the testing of vaccines is like fist-fighting with an enemy for 30 years who has been beating you all along and now you give him a knife. We need to be able to 'kill' the virus first without killing the host, and then we would have the basis for vaccine production.

What else do you know about AMBUSH? Since I displayed knowledge, it can be thought that there may be other aspects of this project that has not been discussed and may be useful to a governmental entity.

How did AMBUSH originate? This question always causes me to loose my audience, but it has to be addressed. Before I answer, let me ask a few questions; what is the probability of an average pharmacist who is not working in the field of pharmacognosy picking a plant that contains THE CURE FOR HIV/AIDS? By what method or reason did I arrive at dose? Researchers of medicinal plant chemistry will concur that in any plant material, there are thousands of different chemical compounds. How then did I learn to extract the active ingredient? The answer is simply that THE LORD GOD, GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the GOD of the BIBLE; he gave me all that I have written with regards to the CURE of HIV/AIDS.

What else has he told you? He has said a lot more, that will be released once the CURE for HIV/AIDS is widely received.

What then do I aim to accomplish? The aim is seeking scientific assistance in bringing the CURE to the millions of individuals who now need it and also to those who will need it in the future. I am ready, willing and able to work with any research institution to bring the CURE to fruition. Thank you and May GOD continue to Bless America.
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